Stylus Labs
Write is a word processor for handwriting. Watch the video below to learn more. Download for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and now iPad and iPhone!

In addition to all the features you'd expect to find in a drawing application, Write offers an array of unique and useful functionality built on its ability to recognize lines of handwritten text. Ruled Insert Space: Easily insert blank lines or insert space between words and watch the whole paragraph reflow! Even detects multicolumn layouts! Bookmarks: Drop a bookmark next to text to add it to the bookmark view for quick navigation. Undo/redo dial: Quickly move through history with quick, fluid motions instead of repeated taps of a button.
Ruled erase, ruled select: Erase text with one pass - no straggling commas or dots! Use the ruled eraser in the left margin to quickly erase whole lines. Handwritten Links: Create links to bookmarks and web sites. Easily navigate documents and keep track of references. Combine sketches and text: Use non-ruled tools to work with freehand drawings. Column detection protects sketches when editing text. Many more features: work on two documents w/ split view; save frequently used contents as clippings; Files app integration on iOS; unlimited undo/redo; image insert; customizable pens and paper Standard, open document format: Write's native document format is SVG. Documents can be viewed in any modern web browser. You're looking at one right now!